Inext sf6 switch


In industrialized countries where it exists a high level of electrification not only is not acceptable on the part of the clients a low level of quality in the power supply but in many of the countries in the last years the quality standards demanded in the supplied equipments force the same ones to expire with the quality levels of demanded supplies.

In response to this situation the electrical companies need new products with high reliability and easy management of service located in reducing:

  • The number of failures in the service
  • The direction of lack of supply
  • The level of affected zones

INAEL’s INEXT is one of the best solutions to the previous points, installed in the electrical lines of distribution with the aims to improve the management and automation of the network as well as increasing the electrical quality of the power supply to the users.

INAEL’s INEXT is a switch – disconnector low loads that it realizes the cut of the electric power in atmosphere SF6 designed by his utilization in exterior, in climatic environmental adverse, available conditions, available for tensions of 12 kV, 24 kV and 36 kV and currents of 400A and 630A, being able to be driven of local form (manual and / or motorized) and / or of remote form (remote control) with integration in systems of communication SCADA. INAEL’s INEXT represents a highly effective and competitive solution for the management of the air networks of electrical distribution of half a tension.

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