Solar Power System


The Power-Blox 200 Series


The Power-Blox 200 series,the first product that was developed based on our swarm technology, is a revolutionary modular energy system producing alternating current from 200W up to the Kilowatt range, which serves as a "portable socket" to off-grid energy demands. Its modularity allows it to produce and easily scale electricity.

  • 230V AC / 200W true sinus inverter
  • 100Ah solar battery
  • 200W solar module + 10m cable included
  • MPP solarcharger
  • Swarm- / mini-grid enabled
  • 4 x stacking sockets
  • Integrated stacking cable
  • Grid / generator connector
  • 12V DC / 3A (cigarette lighter socket)
  • 2 x USB output

Key Features

Clean Energy Immediately
Deployed in a matter of minutes with minimal ecological footprint.
Easy To Use - Plug & Power
Place the solar module outside. Switch on to get energy delivered to the integrated socket. Done!
Scalable - Grows With Your Needs
Start with one single cube and then scale up to a theoretically unlimited size. From kW to MW with only one product.
Build Grids Anywhere In No Time
Mini-grids can be quickly built at different locations and combined to deliver more power. Power grids for whole villages can be created.
No Engineering Or Maintenance Needed
Our systems do not need any special skills to be configured, installed and maintained. Even bigger systems in the Kilowatt range can easily be built by simply connecting multiple cubes.
Secured Investment
Scalability ensures the continued use of existing devices that can easily be supplemented with additional units. Inconventional systems, some of the existing components must be replaced due to increased power demands and other limitations.
Intelligent &Amp; Failure-Safe
The technology is self-configuring and self-learning. In case of any failure or breakdown of the grid, the units automatically disconnect and run as autonomous off-grid power supplies.
Swiss Quality
Highest quality-engineered, produced and assembled in Switzerland.
Pay As You Go & Prosumer
Combined with a Pay-as-you-go model, it can serve as incubator for micro-entrepreneurs and provide affordable solar power to customers in developing countries. The excess production of electric power in the system can be sold for a fee.
Universal Energy Interface
Allows to easily combine various energy sources and battery technologies from different vendors. While there are many solutions for energy storage, they cannot be combined as every solution with an integrated master device tries to control the grid and gets in conflict with other masters.

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